Looking for transformational feedback to assist you in moving your business forward? People Strategies works with C-Level executives across industries. We assist you in discovering and capitalizing on your strengths. We specialize in gathering difficult feedback and providing a safe and constructive environment for developing those opportunity areas. We focus on getting you and your team to the next level. People are inspired by and deliver results for exceptional leaders. Exceptional leaders represent exceptional companies. Let’s discuss how we can make yours exceptional?

360 Feedback
Learning what your employees think about and how they perceive your leadership style can be the most impactful training most CEOs, COOs and General Managers will receive in their career.

Employee Engagement
How do you determine the interest of your employee in driving your company’s business objective? Employee engagement surveys address several key behaviors that identify critical focus areas to determine the level of employee involvement in the success of your business.

Executive Coaching

People Strategies offers all aspects of recruiting needs, such as creating recruitment processes and procedures, evaluating current processes and systems, as well as recommending programs such as competency-based behavioral interviewing, 360-degree interviewing, and training on how to effectively source, identify and attract key candidates for your business.

Our daily work in this industry gives us the insight into how today’s workforce behaves, and what attracts their attention. As a result, we help you identify the right candidate(s) for your organization. We will provide the processes and share with you the tools and methods that corporate recruiting teams use to build strategic workforces. We will help you develop your organization’s values, vision and expectations, and then we begin the search. We help you find the right person for your team.

Recruitment and Selection

For Companies:

People Strategies can assist you in determining how to best structure your organization and provide you with practical solutions to align actions with goals. Trained professionals provide client-centric consultation to determine a customized approach that can work best for your business. We remain focused on adding value and helping you get results, whether it means restructuring an entire department / division or developing an employee-training curriculum. 

Change Management

A buzz word or a fact of life? Helping employees transition to a new method or business initiative can seem like an impossible feat.  Establishing best practices along with a support plan of action will increase the success of the change implementation.

Entry Level to Executive Management Training
Training tools and resources for all levels of the organization are needed to move the business forward.  A needs assessment is conducted to determine the training that would provide the best ROI for your business.

Behavioral Interviewing
A style of interviewing that requires the candidate to answer open ended questions with action oriented behaviors in different work environment scenarios.

360-degree Interviewing
Recruitment process where varying levels interview candidates to determine competency and skill level. Typically the manager, a peer and a direct report are involved in the 360-degree interviewing process to assess fit and success in role.

Panel Interviewing
A method of interviewing that allows 3-6 employees who may work with the candidate's position to gather information on a candidate in 1-2 hours.

Ethics and Compliance

Every company – small or large, public or private – is required to maintain order and comply with federal and state laws. People Strategies retains senior executives with deep industry experience to help ensure your company meets your regulatory requirements. We provide discreet audits, reviews and needs assessments for the operational or financial aspects of your business, delivering an analysis and recommendations for immediate implementation. 

Company Regulations by State
Depending on the size of your company you may be required to abide by certain state laws. Are you familiar with the laws applicable to your workforce?

Employee Compliance Requirements
Do you have an employee handbook for your company? Are your employees aware of the company’s polices and practices regarding their employment? Does everyone abide by the same guidelines?

Organizational Design and Development